I have a passion for cooking and baking; and passions should be shared.

Recently I had back surgery and my 83 year-old mother came to help me through the recovery. I have been trying for years to learn her techniques and ingredients. Eventually I began journaling the recipes. We used my recovery time to work on finishing what I started, including the recipes handed down from my grandmother. This generated my first published cookbook Cuban Foods-Retro, available at

During this process I came to realize how many recipes I had accumulated from family, friends and friends of friends and have now begun my second cookbook.

I am flattered when someone tries one of my recipes and am always ready to answer questions.

My mother, bottom right, and her
friends grace the cover of this
unique, informative and fun cookbook.

Available in:
Hardcover 6 x 9
Paperback 6 x 9
Sprial Binding 8.5 x 11
and eBook